pogled s prozora | zagreb 2012


Snijeg pada kao lud!

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) under snow…
I love snow… A lot of people hate it but I love it. I love so much to stay late at night looking at it falling down. And the orange glow night has when it falls… And some kind of calmness. Nothing inspires me like snow does, looking at it falling down I could write stories, books, novels with Russian novel pages number… I could write a book just describing the snow. It makes me think of so many things and it makes me happy. Sunshine doesn’t make me happy, snow does… When I compare snow to sunshine, snow for me appears like a mature young woman, full of elegance and grace. A little bit mysterious and shy but calling you in one way to come closer and meet her. Sunshine on the other side is like a hyper teenager to me. Always too strong, too excited, too much of a “show off”.  Always trying to make everyone happy. Too proud knowing everyone can’t wait for it. Snow is patient, slowed down, and just once in a while likes to fall more to show you it can. To show you it is strong enough to stop the normal life for a while…